Help Them All is a Phoenix, Arizona based organization committed to providing quality furniture, clothing and hygiene products to those in need, completely free of charge. We understand and appreciate the necessity of these items in peoples every day lives and strive to supply the essentials that we tend to take for granted to those who cannot provide them for themselves.

We attempt to accomplish this goal in three simple ways. The first way is by furnishing locations or organizations that provide any sort of safety and shelter to our neighbors in need, such as, battered woman's shelters, veterans homes or homeless shelters. The second way is through our bi-monthly "Hygiene Handouts" in which we provide the general public with any and all hygiene products we are able to. The third way we accomplish this goal is by providing clothing and blankets to anybody in need of warmth and comfort. We perform ALL of these actions indiscriminately and offer our assistance to anyone who may benefit from it.

Our full site, allowing donations, photos, and in-depth information, is currently under construction. Please bear with us while we finish it!
How can I contribute?
If you would like to donate hygiene products or furniture, please call us at (623) 282-4981 or sending an email to and we will schedule a time to come and pick those items up from you. You may also donate monetarily through the Donate button on the main page.

Can I volunteer my time?
We are always in need of volunteers and would gladly accept help, please call us at (623) 282-4981 or sending an email to and let us know your availability and we will add you to our list of volunteers

What will my monetary donation be used for?
Monetary donations will strictly be used for the purchase of hygiene products for distribution to the public and covering the costs of delivery and storage of our items.

How do you get the furniture you donate?
We take private donations, if the furniture is in good condition, and we have a multitude of Estate Sale companies that donate to us through their customers.

When and where do you do your hygiene handouts?
Our hygiene handouts are done throughout key locations in downtown Phoenix. Bookmark the site and check back for specific locations.

Who does my donation help?
Your donation could potentially go to help literally anybody who needs it. We give freely and indiscriminately to anybody who needs assistance that we can provide.

Is my donation tax deductible?
Yes, your donation could potentially be tax deductible. You would need to speak to a tax professionals regarding the specifics for that deduction.